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advocate, alpenstock, antenna tower, arm, athletic supporter, back, backbone, backing, bandeau, barbican, bare pole, bearer, belfry, bell tower, boom, bowsprit, bra, brace, bracer, bracket, brassiere, bumpkin, buttress, campanile, cane, carrier, cervix, club, colossus, column, corset, crook, crossjack yard, crosstree, crutch, cupola, derrick, dolphin striker, dome, fire tower, flying jib boom, fore jack, fore-skysail mast, fore-skysail yard, fore-topgallant mast, fore-topgallant yard, fore-topmast, foremast, foreroyal mast, foreroyal yard, foreyard, foundation garment, fulcrum, gaff, girdle, gooseneck, guy, guywire, jack, jib boom, jock, jockstrap, king post, lantern, lazy jack, lighthouse, lower boom, main-royal mast, main-royal yard, main-skysail mast, main-topgallant mast, mainmast, mainstay, maintainer, martello, martello tower, masthead, minaret, mizzen, mizzen-royal mast, mizzenmast, monument, neck, obelisk, observation tower, pagoda, pilaster, pillar, pinnacle, pole, prop, pylon, pyramid, reinforce, reinforcement, reinforcer, rest, resting place, rigging, shaft, shoulder, shroud, skysail yard, skyscraper, spanker boom, spanker gaff, spar, spars, spine, spire, spreader, sprit, staff, standing rigging, standpipe, stave, stay, steeple, stick, stiffener, strengthener, stupa, support, supporter, sustainer, tack bumpkin, television mast, timber, tope, topgallant mast, topgallant yard, topmast, tour, tower, tree, turret, upholder, walking stick, water tower, whisker boom, whisker pole, windmill tower, yard, yardarm

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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